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   一、交际用语 (共计10分,每小题2分)


  1.—What is your major?


  A. Li Mei

  B. A fresh man

  C. Education

  2. – I can show you around, if you like.

  – ________________.

  A. I can’t wait.

  B. Sure. Thank you.

  C. Let’s go.

  3.— Hi, Tom, how"s everything with you?

  — ________, and how are you?

  A. Don"t mention it

  B. Hm, not too bad

  C. Thanks

  4. —Are you ready to take a ride in my new sports car?


  A. I don’t like your sports car.

  B. Yes, I’d love to.

  C. No, I won’t.


  — Less than 50 miles per hour.

  A. How fast were you driving?

  B. Were you driving north?

  C. How was the road?



  6. The case happened _________ Tuesday afternoon.             B. on    

  7. The train is running fifty miles ______.

  A. an hour          B. the hour             C. a hour

  8. You"ll _________ have your own room.

  A. all            B. each            C. both

  9. Well, I heard him _________ he"d cover the afternoon shift.

  A. say           B. said             C. to say

  10. Jim is one of the most popular ________ in my company.

  A.classmates      B.citizens            C.colleagues

  11. The gunman stood ________ the theater and shoot at the audience inside. the front of front of          C.on front of

  12. Tom is good at playing ________ piano.

  A.a                     C.the

  13. He did not ________ on my proposal about the new project.

  A.recommend      B.comment         C.command

  14. The street is ________ for five cars to go side by side.

  A.wide            B.wide enough      C.enough wide

  15. The higher the temperature is, ________ the liquid evapoeates.

  A.the faster       B.faster             C.the slower

  16. The Mid-Autumn Festival, as the name ________, falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month.

  A.appears        B.means            C.suggests

  17. I thought you________ like something to read. So I have brought you some books.




  18. He ________ to Shanghai for I saw him here a minute ago.

  A.can’t go

  B.can’t have gone

  C.didn’t go

  19. ________ he left school at 16, he still managed to become a great writer.

  A.Even though

  B.Even if

  C.Even although

  20. There are some visitors ________ to our marketing department next week.


  B.coming coming



  Pushing Drunk Boss"s Car Home

  Ten workers in China pushed their boss"s car three miles home after an office party because they were all too drunk to drive. The group had been enjoying a meal at a restaurant in downtown Changchun, northeast China"s Jilin Province, when the party was over, boss Zhang Fei found that he was too drunk to drive. Then suddenly they realized nobody had stayed sober enough to drive his car.

  Drink-driving was listed as a dangerous offence in China in 2014. Those who break the law will have their driving license revoked faced a heavy fine and may be put in jail. Zhang did not want to leave his car downtown and it was too late to call out another driver to drive the car for him. Someone then suggested they push the car home, and said that the exercise would do them all good. Thus, all ten quickly agreed and set off with Zhang at the wheel. All ten push their boss’s car home though the city streets, laughing and singing during the 45-minute journey. Passers-by were shocked to see the group.

  Traffic officers said that as long as the car"s engine was not running, it would not be classed as drink-driving under Chinese law. However, it is still very dangerous for so many people to push the car along the road, as it may cause traffic accidents.

  21. The workers pushed their boss’s car home in ________minutes.




  22. Drink-driving was listed as a dangerous offence in China in ________.




  23. Those who break the law may ________.

  A.not have their driving license revoked

  B.not face a heavy fine put in jail

  24. People pushing the car along the road would not be classed as drink-driving because ________.

  A.the car engine was not running

  B.those people didn’t drink

  C.there were no police on the road

  25. We can infer from the passage that drink-driving ________ the law. not against against

  C.has nothing to do with


  The Winner of a Teaching Award

  We are pleased to announce that the winner of this year"s Teaching Award goes to Dr. Marie Dagenais. Dr. Dagenai graduated from Universite de Montreal in 1983. She became an Assistant Professor in the Faculty in 1988. In 2000 she was appointed as Associate Dean, a very important role in the Faculty. In 2001 she was appointed to Associate Professor and was Professor five years later. For many years she has held important roles in the Association of Teaching and Learning, including being President of this Association in 2005-2006. Similarly she has been heavily involved with the American Association’s President during 2008-2011. She has also held a number of leadership roles in the Commission on Lifelong Education of America, one of the most important organizations in adult education. This is an incomplete list of some of the countless important roles Dagenai has had both within the University and beyond in the field of distance education in America. She is a very worthy winner of the year’s Teaching Award.

  26. Marie is the winner of this year’s Teaching Award.

  27. Marie graduated from Yale University in 1983.

  28. Marie was appointed to Professor in 2006.

  29. Marie was the president of American Association of Distance Education during 2009-2011.

  30. Marie has done a great contribution to American distance education.



  31. Susan Brown was in a family way when she was seventeen and became a mother by eighteen.

  A. 苏珊.布朗17岁时过上家庭生活,18岁时做了母亲。

  B. 苏珊.布朗17岁时进入到一个家庭,18岁时做了母亲。

  C. 苏珊.布朗17岁时怀孕,18岁时做了母亲。

  32. He focused his mind on his lesson.

  A. 他按时做功课。

  B. 他把心思集中在功课上。

  C. 他一直在做功课。

  33. Breaking ice is a good way to make friends.

  A. 打破僵局是交朋友的好办法。

  B. 打破冰面是交朋友的好办法

  C. 破冰是做朋友的好办法。

  34.I hope I can join your company when I graduate from Yale.




  35. What are we supposed to do ?




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